Our Quality Initiative consists of an undying focus on the requirements and expectations of the customer and an overall effort to improve all work areas and capabilities of Geometric Circuits, Inc., including a commitment to 100% On Time Delivery to our customers.

Our vision is to become “The Best In Class of Global Manufacturers!” Every process will be continually evaluated and examined to improve quality and increase customer satisfaction.

Quick Turn & Prototype PCBs

3 to 7 day delivery for up to 8 Layers
7 to 10 day delivery for up to 28 Layers
Small & Medium Production Quantities
No additional tooling costs when moving from prototype to production

Production Volume PCB Orders

Standard 10 – 15 day delivery Medium to High Production Volume
Kan-Ban and Other Stocking Programs for split deliveries available
All Engineering and QC checks AND follow-up performed by personnel at our Corporate Headquarters facility
Single-Sided up to 28 Layers
China and Taiwan Production Facilities

Production Volume PCB Orders

100% Short and Open Testing AOI Inspection Inner/Outer Circuit Image
Impedance Testing Inductance Testing
RoHS 2 Testing Final Finish Thickness Testing
Plating Thickness Testing Thermal Stress Testing
Ionic Contamination Testing Surface Peel Testing
Bond Strength Testing Plating Adhesion Testing